Poppinfun fundraising is fun and easy

Join hundreds of happy schools, teams, and organizations. Raising money with Poppinfun is a
breeze. Get 50% profit, and say hello to

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50% Profits

At Poppinfun, our goal is to help you raise more money. More money for you, means you're happy. When you're happy, we're happy!

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We eat the shipping costs

Sell 1,000 or more bags in profits, and we cover shipping & freight costs.

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No upfront expense

It costs nothing to do our fundraiser. We provide free materials and support.

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Presorted Boxes

Poppinfun takes the headache out of popcorn fundraising. We carefully sort each campaign so that you save time, frustration, and resources.

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Custom Labels

Participants receive neatly labeled boxes with yummy popcorn bags inside.

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UPS Delivered

We partner with UPS to ensure safe and timely delivery and tracking.

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