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Tell us about your business?

Womens Medical Associates of North Texas is one of the first-established Ob/Gyn practices in Collin County. Dr. Rajala started the practice some 25 years ago. While many of his patients are residents of the county, those who have moved outside of Collin continue to visit to keep Dr. Rajala as their OB/GYN and Primary Care Physician.

We’re now seeing generations of obstetric patients— the babies I delivered early in my practice are now having children of their own, and it’s flattering that many of them choose me as their Ob/Gyn. Recently, I had the joy of delivering the child of two people that I had delivered many years ago. Does that make me a ‘grand-doctor’?</em>

One of the things Dr. Rajala loves doing most is caring for pregnant patients and bringing babies into the world. He estimates he has delivered well over 20,000 babies.

I can’t imagine not being able to deliver babies. I am blessed to have the most rewarding job anyone could hope for. We develop relationships with our patients that last a lifetime. We get to be with many of our patients when their children are born, hear stories about their kids’ accomplishments, and help them stay healthy over the years.

Services include annual health and wellness exams, menopause management, Obstetrics (Pregnancy), High Risk Pregnancies, family planning, fertility treatment, and more.

Times change, children grow, but some things never change.

What is the vision for the company?

We really want to continue to provide quality care and to become more and more efficient with the ever-changing healthcare system without compromising the quality of the care provided. At the end of the day we just want to make a difference.

How has using Zenkeep changed the business?

Since engaging Zenkeep we've been able to remove the majority of pain points from the business side of things. Rather than working harder, we're able to work smarter.

The team over at Women's Medical Associates take advantage of the monthly Key Performance Indicator reports provided by Zenkeep to help them manage their financial targets and metrics.

These reports help us know exactly where we are at as a business, financially. We compare each month to prior periods and determine whether we're hitting targets we set for the year.

We have better reporting and goal setting

Doctor charts and graphs
Zenkeep helped us identify some leases which weren't beneficial to us. Zenkeep helped us re-negotiate these and secured us better financing. These kinds of things really help us as we try to provide affordable health care services.

We were able to restructure our balance sheet to keep our costs down

As healthcare has changed in the US, more and more attention is required on the business side of providing care, than actually providing the care itself... which is why we all got into this field to begin with. Now with the addition of Zenkeep, we're able to spend more time focusing on providing quality care, and less time worrying about the bookkeeping, managerial accounting, and financial planning side of the business.

We are able to do more of what we love

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